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Welcome to Empowered Move Inc.

Empowered Move Inc. inspires and empowers individuals of all ages both personally and professionally to achieve the greatness for which they were created. Expert trainers in the corporate agenda, family dynamics and personal growth provide life changing experiences. Rooted in spiritual faith, Empowered Move Inc. operates under the highest level of integrity and accountability. 

Les and Monique Rodgers

Vision & Mission

Marriage is more than our love for one another. Marriage has a higher dignity, power, and purpose. Marriage is God’s Holy Institution designed to preserve humanity until the end of time. Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and promote vibrant marriages and relationships utilizing powerful workshops, conferences, couple’s outings, and encouraging literature. There is a strong correlation between thriving communities, productive children, low crime, and households with marriages that are intact. Our goal is to promote and uplift Power Couples that will change the trajectory of our communities, and in the process, get the most from their relationships. Together, we are the difference! 

“Every vibrant marriage advances the ability of a community to prosper!” 

Les Rodgers

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Les and Monique understand the true meaning of getting involved to make a difference. As parents, spiritual leaders, mentors, authority figures, and as a community, we cannot ignore or abort the mission that matters most. That mission is to provide guidance and wisdom to our children so that they may be the glimmer of hope for a changed tomorrow. Our mentoring program offers impactful training to thousands of kids each year in the Chicagoland area on leadership, strategic thinking, dreaming big & setting goals. We also offer training in parental involvement; all at no cost to the children and their parents. We invite you to make a donation so that we may continue to provide children with materials for workshops, literature for parents, and reach a larger population of children! Thanks for caring, and thanks for your support.

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