Les Rodgers is a powerful motivational speaker and skilled trainer who’s purpose in life was discovered when he spoke to a group of graduating 8th Graders in 1995, and learned from a student’s evaluation that she had decided to commit suicide, but something she heard during Les’ presentation made her want to live.  It was in this moment that Les discovered his ability to deliver hope and transform lives. Over the next two and a half decades Les would become a voice of inspiration and hope to people of all ages; presenting life changing messages at seminars, workshops and conferences. Les is faithful to God’s word that his gift is not his own, and embraces the honor in serving others.

Les developed the parental guide program, “Shaping the Lives of Our Children”, which is now available in more than 150 public schools in the Chicagoland area at no cost to the schools. The demand for the program led Les to author and publish the book, Shaping the Lives of Our Children - Parenting is not a Friendship.  

Les’ ability to captivate his audiences and transform behavior opened doors in the corporate business world allowing him the opportunity to train staff and facilitate corporate retreats for The American Bar Association, franchises in health care, educators, and a variety of other businesses.  Les specializes in Team Development, Executive Leadership, and promoting positive and effective cultures in the business place.  

In September of 2012, Les married Monique and discovered a new passion for marriages.  After a first marriage that ended in divorce, Les was determined not to do a repeat. After studying relationships, and varying family dynamics, Les and Monique discovered an undeniable correlation between thriving communities, productive children, low crime, and households with marriages in intact, which presented Les and Monique with the opportunity to serve as Marriage Ministry Leaders for New Faith Baptist Church International from 2015 until 2020.  During their time as leaders, Les and Monique created and presented the acclaimed premarital class, “7 Pillars to Marital Bliss”, dozens of couple’s workshops, seminars, outings, and marriage conferences. The weekend conferences were life changing and known for providing unforgettable experiences.

In 2017, Les was signed as an actor with Ambassador Talent Agents, Inc., and is currently an actor in Film, Commercials, and Theater.  He is on the Board of Advisors for RGE Entertainment, a member of the Midwest Marriage Ministry, and is active in his community. Les is a State Certified Juvenile Officer, Lead Homicide Detective with a County Sheriff’s Police Department, and prides himself in his ability to use his profession to help others. Les’ greatest passion is for his wife, 4 Children, son-in-law, 3 grandchildren, his close- knit family, and the couples and families he serves.  In 2020 Les and Monique launched the relationship podcast, “Love’s Fire and Ice”.

Ya Sonda Rodgers, affectionately known as Monique is the epitome of what it means to be a modern woman of faith. Her passion to help others, her kind spirit, and her love for Christ has empowered her to encourage and motivate others to embrace their qualities and aspire to be the person God designed and created them to be. Monique shares her family’s mission to minister to others and spread God’s word. She joins a host of Ministers, Missionaries, Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors, and a Bishop who are all active leaders in ministry across the United States.

Alongside her husband and best friend, Les Rodgers, she is the mastermind behind the success of their brand and successful couple’s events as Chief Operating Officer of Empowered Move, Inc and their couples Ministry, Love Intentional. With Monique’s down to earth personality, contemporary style and relatable words of inspiration she has undoubtedly emerged as a thought leader for today’s woman.   

Monique founded, “Dorothy J Phillips Foundation 4 Life” in honor of her late mother in 2006.  The foundation has raised funds for breast cancer awareness and organizations that support women who suffer from breast cancer and cannot afford to pay for treatment or need assistance with transportation to and from appointments. Monique’s passion for continuing her mother’s legacy and gifting with purpose has led her to an extension of the foundation, “AskDot” where she uses her unique ability to connect with women of all ages and walks of life who suffer from insecurities and are struggling with self-esteem, and helps them to realize their potential and how to become the best version of themselves. 

Monique is also a successful business woman, with more than 15 years’ experience as a Human Resource professional, who has been nominated as a Rising Star for The Progressive Grocer’s Top Women in Grocery Award,  which is a prestigious honor for female leaders in the grocery industry and featured in an edition of Progressive Grocer magazine showcasing her overall excellence and continued achievements among female movers and shakers in North America. Monique has also been recognized as an inspiring leader and has received many accolades for her outstanding ability to promote inclusive cultures, focus on the values of people and teamwork, facilitating large scale meetings and organizing large events. 

While proud of all her accomplishments as a professional, Monique is most proud of what she and Les have blended together; Four beautiful and intelligent children to include Ashlee, Whitney, Brannigan, Trenten, her two grandbabies Amari and Kaiden, and a new baby girl arriving in May 2020. 

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