Say I Do, Now and Always 

7 Pillars to The Marriage you Deserve

After the honeymoon, don’t be caught off guard without the tools to sustain your marriage. Challenges you have experienced while dating, don’t go away just because you are married!  Two people can never effectively talk at the same  when things get heated; forgiveness is more than just, I’m sorry, and sex and intimacy are two of the most important, but misunderstood and avoided conversations in marriage! Give your marriage the best opportunity to succeed.

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Couple’s Weekend Retreats

Our weekend get-a-ways are designed to get the two of you away from the everyday stressors of life, a break from the kids, work, housework, social media, and anything else that distracts you from focusing on one another.  During the retreats, you will always get relationship tools you can use from powerful speakers in a relaxing atmosphere that will take- your- breath -away!  These annual conferences are typically held in October.

Couple's Workshops 

During our ½ day / 1-day workshops you will be empowered in areas that will enrich your relationship and maintain the healthy and vibrant connection you deserve.  Workshops on blended families, communication, conflict management, , connecting in the kitchen, dating in marriage, and trust & forgiveness are just a few of the opportunities to nurture your relationship.

Corporate Training

We provide high-level support in administration and human resources for small businesses; offering guidance in the implementation of human resource policies, providing training sessions on complex HR procedures and HR compliance management. In addition, we also offer Training and Development programs customized to fit the needs of your business.

Looking for Individual Professional Development?  We provide the edge up on the competition.  Take advantage of our Personal Coaching Plan to include the following benefits:

  • Increase your income through resume enhancements
  • Catch the attention of hiring managers
  • Separate yourself from other employment applicants
  • Master employment interview techniques
  • Engage the Job Market with confidence

Couple's Outings

Need to get out of the house?  Join us for our couple’s outings; which is a time to socialize with like-minded couple’s and enjoy events like our Couple’s Backyard Party, Couple’s Family Feud, Wacky Bowling, Stepping Classes, and  our sold- out Valentine’s Day Events.

Marriage / Couple’s Peer Support

If you have ever wanted an honest, third opinion supported by factual information from a trusted source, Marriage & Relationship Peer Support may be exactly what you need.

Les and Monique offer confidential individual couple’s interactive video meetings you can join conveniently from the privacy of your home. 

It’s simple, effective, confidential, and customized to support and empower couples to enjoy the marriage or relationship they deserve. 

Les and Monique specialize in:

  • Trust and Forgiveness
  • Managing Conflict
  • Couple’s Communication
  • Blended Families 
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Nurturing 
  • Couple’s Communication and Listening Skills

Disclaimer :  We are not therapist, counselors, psychiatrist or licensed health care providers. We are Marriage Ministry Leaders offering personal support based on personal life experience, research education, and many years of directing a very successful marriage ministry. We cannot guarantee outcomes other than our promise that we operate under the highest level of spiritual integrity and accountability. 

We accept honorariums to help advance our ability to help other couples.

Les and Monique

Keynote Speaker

Looking for a keynote speaker? Experience the energy of Motivational Speaker  Les Rodgers at your next event!  Powerful presentations that are transformational and will leave the audience empowered and inspired.  For more than 25 Years, Les has inspired people of all ages to dream again and aspire to the greatness for which they were created.  Book Les Rodgers to deliver your next message and bring your vision to life!

Presentations for Youth

As partners with Community in Schools of Chicago (CIS), we offer presentations to more than 150 schools in the Chicagoland area at no cost to the schools in the CIS network.  Our Dynamic and interactive presentations are designed to motivate, empower, and prepare students for success!

Current Programs

  • Developing Leaders Today to Lead the World Tomorrow
  • Dream Big
  • Stop Bullying / Internet Safety
  • Shaping the Lives of Our Children (Parent/Student version available)

Couple's Family Feud

Book us to facilitate Couple's Family Feud at your next event.

Virtual Sofa Talk

Connecting with our sisters is essential to our emotional and spiritual health. Monique’s virtual sofa talk brings women together from around the globe to get tools that will empower, heal, and unite us as women and girls. On this sofa we have the power to create a circuit of energy of loving, God-centered, conscientious women that lift one another up with dignity and grace. Experience creativity and freedom to soar into the love and life that was intended for you.